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Edinburgh: Inverleith Park

Inverleith Park, Arboretum Pl, Edinburgh, EH3 5NY

How can I not mention it? It’s a haven in the city for us dog owners. The boundries of the park are closed in enough that you can let your dog run free, watch out for the duck pond though, I had to fish Bailie out of it a few weeks ago, and there was me thinking that Lhasa Apsos don’t like water. There’s so many dogs to play with, if you were really lazy you could just stand in one spot and let your dog run free, and they would still always
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Rocheid Path Walk, Edinburgh

Arboretum Ave, Edinburgh EH3. This is part of the Water of Leith walkway.

After a wander around Inverleith Park in Stockbridge you can access Rocheid Path from Arboretum Ave (see map). Follow the path straight along the water of Leith and take a right when you come to a fork in the path over the short bridge. With the Water of Leith now to your left keep walking until you reach the end and the stairs up to Tanfield. Across the road is the dog friendly Blue Bear Cafe. Also close by is the Roamin Nose Cafe and the Cross
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