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The listings and resources contained on this website have been provided in good faith for reference and entertainment purposes. The information is provided in order to assist dog owners locate dog friendly places and dog related businesses.

Dugs n’ Pubs make every reasonable effort to ensure the information contained within this website is accurate at all times. For example, all listings are verified prior to being added to the website. Listings are removed or updated when we are notified directly of any issues or changes. However, as businesses can change ownership or amend their dog policy without any notice, Dugs n’ Pubs cannot be held responsible for any changes by the business or omissions / inaccuracies on any listing contained on the site.

It should also be noted that listings in the business directory (and also any external links provided) are not an endorsement or recommendation of the business by Dugs n’ Pubs.

Visiting a Dog Friendly Place
Before travelling to a dog friendly place listed on this site, we recommend that you do additional checks such as contact the business directly via the telephone number provided to confirm suitability and avoid any disappointment. Please also read the “Dug Etiquette” page on our website prior to visiting a dog friendly place.

Before contacting and using the services of a business which may be listed in the “business directory” section of this website, we recommend that you carry out your own additional checks to ensure the services offered and the business itself is suitable for you and your dog.

Any business which contacts Dugs n’ Pubs directly and requests a listing on our website (or sticker), must have ensured that they have made the necessary provisions in order to comply with Food Hygiene Regulations and any other relevant legislation or policy. It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual businesses to decide whether or not to allow dogs onto their premises. Although Dugs n’ Pubs may provide information on the website within this area, this does not constitute fact or legal advice. We therefore recommend that the business does additional research and contacts their local authority to confirm compliance with the relevant regulations. Dugs n’ Pubs does not accept any responsibility or liability for inaccurate or outdated information provided on this site and also does not accept any responsibility / liability for any loss or other issues that may arise from allowing dogs onto their business premises.

If a business ceases trading, changes ownership, receives negative reviews / complaints, or sells products which conflict with our own, our trademarks or copyright, we will unfortunately be forced to remove the listing. If the listing relates to a paid business membership (or other paid service), no refund would be provided.

Accounts and Refund Policy
Additional information relating to our privacy policy can be found here.

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If you cancel prior to the expiry date, then no further payments will be requested. Please note that no refund will be provided if you do not attempt to initiate the cancellation or contact us prior to the payment being requested. You will be sent an “Advanced Notice” email prior to any payment being taken so that you are aware and can make the necessary changes if you require. Therefore each member is responsible for making the necessary account changes. Please note we do not have any control over how your email provider processes the delivery of the advanced notice email therefore cannot be held responsible if it has been moved to a spam folder or blocked. Please therefore ensure you add our email address to your safe sender list after receiving our welcome email.

The Scotland, England, Wales and NI guide pages detail the actual number of listings that we have in each area. As this can be confirmed prior to signing up without being logged in (and a note to this effect is also included on the sign up page), we are therefore unable to provide a refund for a reason related to the number of listings in your area or on the site in general. A refund will only be provided if 1) there has been a technical issue/error which has resulted in a duplicate or incorrect payment amount or 2) a technical issue with an individual user’s account which we have been unable to resolve.

Please also note that no refunds will be provided to individual users due to any circumstances that are outwith our control.

This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

1) Regulatory or legal changes made to Food Hygiene Regulations and also any other legislation, policy, or Government restrictions, which impact either the dog friendly policy of businesses listed on our site, or prevent the listed businesses from carry out their normal activities (for any reason).

2) The removal of (or unexpected increase in the cost of) 3rd party services or plugins which we rely on to provide additional functionality on the website. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the continuation of the website service and functionality and will advise users where we have been unable to resolve any problems that have arisen in relation to this.

Dug App
As the App we offer on Google Play and the App Store uses the same or similar listing information and functionality, the terms and conditions set out on this page also apply to these products.

Dugs n’ Pubs does not warrant, nor does it accept any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy or completeness of the content or for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained within this site.