DUG Tag: Travelling with Dogs

EYMS Buses

East Yorkshire Motor Services runs buses in and around Hull. In North Yorkshire, they are known as Scarborough & District.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the bus, as long as they are on a short lead and kept under control. Your dog will not be allowed on the bus if the driver believes it is dangerous, or if it is a ‘banned’ breed of dog. Only one dog is allowed per deck at any one time. You should also keep your dog off the bus seats.
Guide dogs or assistance dogs that are accompanying registered disabled people, and small dogs

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Scottish Citylink

Scottish Citylink is a long distance express coach operator in Scotland and Ireland.


61. Animals, other than guide dogs accompanying registered blind persons and hearing dogs accompanying deaf persons, will not normally be carried on the Company’s services. Our Belfast service (923) does not allow the carriage of animals other than guide dogs accompanying registered blind persons and hearing dogs accompanying deaf persons.

62. Exception will be made to small animals, if accommodated in an approved animal transporter which can be secured on the floor area of the coach beneath the passenger’s feet. Animal transporters are not

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Arriva Buses

Arriva operate in North East, Yorkshire, North West, Wales, Midlands and South East.

Accompanied dogs and other small animals that will not be a danger or nuisance to other passengers or staff are allowed to travel on our services at the absolute discretion of the driver who may decide where on the bus the animal is to be carried. Any animal carried must remain under control and not be allowed to travel on seats. If you bring any animal onto a bus, you will be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury arising from its presence on the bus.

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Edinburgh Trams

Small animals are carried at the driver or revenue protection officer’s discretion. Guide dogs, assistance dogs and learning dogs will be carried if there is room on the tram. All dogs must be on a lead and all other animals must be secured in a suitable cage or carrying case. The driver or revenue protection officer may require an animal to be taken off the tram at any time.

Animals taken onto the Company’s trams are the responsibility of the person they are travelling with. The owner of an animal carried on the Company’s trams is responsible for any damage

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Western Ferries

Ferry between Gourock and Dunoon.

All guide dogs and domestic pets travel FREE of charge. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when they are not in your vehicle. Passengers are solely responsible for their pets’ welfare and conduct whilst onboard our vessels and at our terminals.

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