DUG Tag: Travelling with Dogs

Caledonian Sleeper (Serco)

Tel: 0330 060 0500

Animals are welcome on board the Caledonian Sleeper. Assistance dogs can travel free of charge – and if you have a room and want to bring a domestic pet with you, we charge £30 on top of your train ticket price. That cost pays for a deep clean of the room, which reassures other guests – especially those with allergies.

Add one pet to your booking within the journey planner to purchase.

Note if you are travelling in a seat, or a standard room as a solo passenger you are not permitted to take a pet.

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Go Wild Campervans

51 East Bankton Place, Livingston, EH54 9BZ. Tel: 07939449987

Go Wild Campervans is a small, family-run campervan rental business, situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow in West Lothian: a perfect starting point for exploring Scotland. We love camping, campervans and getting out in the great outdoors. Our campervans are child and dog-friendly, with no additional charge to bring your dog.

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Transport for London

Tube, DLR and London Overground.

16. Animals

16.1 You can bring an assistance dog with you without charge. You can also bring with you without charge any other dog or inoffensive animal, unless there is a good reason for us to refuse it (such as if the animal seems dangerous). You must keep it under control on a lead or in a suitable container, and must not allow it on a seat. Staff are not allowed to take charge of any animal.

16.2 If you bring an animal with you, for safety reasons you must carry it through automatic ticket

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Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains operates the InterCity East Coast franchise on the East Coast Main Line between London, Yorkshire, the North East and Scotland.

Up to two dogs, cats or other small domestic animals can jump, hop and bound on board without having to pay a penny. Good job really, they never carry cash.

For each additional pet, you’ll have to stick your paw in your pocket. It’s half the adult fare for the type of ticket you’ve got, up to a maximum of £5 for a single and £10 for a return.

If you’re travelling with your assistance dog and need

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McGill’s Buses

McGill’s has depots in Greenock, Barrhead, Hamilton, Inchinnan and Johnstone.

Small animals are carried, at the discretion of the driver. Dogs must be on a lead and are carried on local services only. Please note that we do not carry dogs on any motorway routes, and that we allow only one dog to travel at any one time on a bus. All other animals must be secured in a suitable cage or carrying case.

The driver may require an animal to be taken off the bus at any time.

Animals taken onto a McGill’s bus are the responsibility of the

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First Bus

First Bus is one of Britain’s largest bus operators. It operates in a number of areas from Aberdeen down to Cornwall.

To view the conditions for your specific area click on this page.


8.1 We will carry Assistance Dogs (or other legitimate assistance animals) of any size free of charge at any time on our vehicles, both when accompanying a registered disabled person and when being trained by a trainer bearing the appropriate valid identification.

8.2 Except in the case of a registered disabled person, or trainer, accompanied by an Assistance Dog or other assistance

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