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Dofos, Morningside

119 Comiston Rd, Edinburgh EH10 6AQ. Tel: 0131 557 4666

Dofos is and always has been a family run business which has been in Edinburgh since 1953. We have always held the view that customer service and knowledge are paramount. It is our belief that pets are part of the family unit. Although things have changed with the range of foods etc becoming more vast, we will always do our upmost to find products that not only suit budgets, but that are also the best for your pet.

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Pet Shop

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Edinburgh: House of Hound

43 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5NQ. Tel: 0131 467 6834

Purveyor of Fine Dog Goods

House of Hound, an exciting retailer of dog only products situated in Roseburn, Murrayfield Edinburgh.

Our aim is to bring quality service, produce and products to the canine market, necessary to both the care and pampering of our best friends, with a focus on brands new and exclusive. Practical, stylish and on occasion luxurious, an accessible boutique environment where our customers can shop, dwell and return to.

A local hub for the many dog owners in the area and beyond.

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