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Awww wee Archie…has anyone got any tips for a pup hitting the pubs for the first time? @amazingarchiecavapoo:⠀ …⠀ “We’re hoping to go to @westonthegreen, one of our favourite places, for Dad’s birthday at the weekend. I decided to take Archie for a wander at Glasgow Green today and then go into West for coffee and a cake. A big thanks to the staff who were so nice when Archie was scared of his own reflection inside 😂 and brought my order over rather than me having to go up to the bar. We’re going to visit a friend who has 2 lovely dogs tomorrow and then he’ll have a couple of days with the dog walker and his new pals before the weekend so hopefully that will help. We spent a while having a play about in the beer garden afterwards and he really enjoyed it so fingers crossed for dry weather at the weekend”

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