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Dug Etiquette

Any business which displays our Dugs Welcome sticker is happy to have dogs onto their premises and will go out their way for dogs. We are therefore grateful to every business that displays our sticker as we see it as a privilege to be able to take your dug with you to a pub, shop or cafe. That’s also the reason we give our Dugs Welcome stickers away for free!

As well as adding new listings, we always make an effort to regularly review all our listings to ensure the information is up to date. However, due to the number
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Lost, Stolen & Found Dogs

We hope that you are never in a situation where your dog has been lost or stolen. If this ever happens, below is some guidance to help you retrieve your dog back safely.

Lost or Stolen Dogs

1. Contact the local Police station. A member of the public may have picked up the dog but has been unsure what to do so has handed it in to a Police station. The Police will contact the local council dog warden.

The telephone number for Lothian and Borders Police is 0131 311 3131

or call the 101 Non-Emergency Number to be
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Law: Dogs in Food Premises

This article was originally written in April 2012 but was updated in March 2014.

The legislation, which makes the provisions relating to dogs in food premises is contained in Regulations (EC) No 852/2004, Annex II, Chapter IX – Provisions applicable to foodstuffs (4) as below:

Adequate procedures are to be in place to control pests. Adequate procedures are also to be in place to prevent domestic animals from having access to places where food is prepared, handled or stored (or, where the competent authority so permits in special cases, to prevent such access from resulting in contamination).

The below was
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